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As a behavioral scientist, I study:

1) how managers can practice effective and ethical leadership 

2) how the future of work would affect employees, customers, and

I actively translate my research findings into practical insights by authoring
commentaries in major media and practitioner outlets. 

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COVID-19 & political ratings among 11 world leaders


Effective Leadership

Business ethics & Sustainability

Making Funny Face


Humour at work

Robots & the future of work

Business Meeting

COVID-19's impact on the workplace

How to deal with an abusive boss? Harvard Business Review

Good leadership takes self-control, here's what you should do. Harvard Business Review

Should a leader display humility? TODAY

How and when to be nice to your subordinates? South China Morning Post

Empowering your subordinates can go a long way. South China Morning Post

Sleeps well, leads better. Straits Times

Service with a smile is costly for leadership. Straits Times

How to create sustainable corporate citizenships? Harvard Business Review

Human sustainability increases organizations' bottom line. South China Morning Post

Air pollution is bad for organizations. South China Morning Post

How to use humor effectively as a leader. Harvard Business Review

Using humor can increase your subordinates' work engagement. LSE Business Review

Humor is critical to leadership – even astronauts should have a sense of humor. Channel News Asia

How should organizations maximize the effectiveness of service robots? Yahoo Finance

Will robots really take your job? Business Times

You should think twice before undertaking flexi-time in the new normal. Harvard Business Review

Will flexible work practice be the new normal? Yahoo Finance

Is the future of work in our homes? Channel News Asia   Straits Times

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